Ingleby Barwick Town Council Meetings

We will be publishing the agendas and minutes of all Ingleby Barwick Town Council meetings below. Minutes from each meeting are usually approved at the next meeting so are one month behind. All meetings take place in Ingleby Barwick Community Hall, Haresfield Way at 7:00pm. The public are welcome to attend meetings.

Agendas and Minutes
Date Agenda Minutes
20th May 2015  View Agenda   View Minutes
17th June 2015   View Agenda  View Minutes
15th July 2015   View Agenda  View Minutes
August 2015   No Meeting  No Meeting
9th September 2015   View Agenda View Minutes
30th September 2015  Agenda (7PM) Agenda (8PM)   –
14th October 2015   View Agenda   –
18th November 2015  View Agenda   –
16th December 2015  –   –
13th January 2016   –   –
17th February 2016   –   –
16th March 2016   –   –
20th April 2016   –   –
16th November 2016  View Agenda   –